BigCommerce Journal Entry: Sales Summary

Here we discuss the types of journal entries available for BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a commerce platform and Bookkeep enables you to integrate your BigCommerce store to automate journal entry postings.

For BigCommerce, we offer a daily sales summary journal entry.

The sales summary journal entry posts to your accounting platform on a daily basis the sales from the prior day. This aims to capture the gross sales down to the net sales including discounts, refunds, etc. Additionally, this journal entry breaks down the payments by tender type such as Stripe payments, Paypal, gift cards, checks, etc. 

Bookkeep does not recognize orders with the following BigCommerce order statuses when it comes to sales entries:

  • Pending
  • Canceled
  • Incomplete
  • Declined
  • Awaiting Payment

Below, we review an example comparison of what Bookkeep recorded versus BigCommerce. First, we show how to locate order analytics within BigCommerce.

1. You can locate daily orders analytics from the left navigation by clicking “Analytics” as shown below:

2. After landing on the general Analytics page, you can click “Orders” from the left navigation as show below:

3. From the top right of the Orders Analytics page, you can filter to the specific day or period you are reviewing:

4. We are reviewing 9/29/22 which below shows what Bookkeep posted:

5. When viewing the BigCommerce order analytics, here is the summary filtered to 9/29/22 to compare against Bookkeep. The bottom of the order analytics page shows the relevant orders for the day to compare and export if needed:

The orders for the day are listed in the table at the bottom of the Order Analytics. Here you can see the following when comparing against what Bookkeep recorded:

  • The subtotal and shipping columns sum to the gross sales booked by Bookkeep: $32.50.
  • The tax column sum matches Bookkeep at $0.86 for sales tax collected.
  • The line item and order discount columns sum to $2.50 which matches Bookkeep discounts.
  • The sum of the Total column reflects the payments captured by Bookkeep as shown in the Payments Balance line.

One thing to note is that the Order Analytics view does not show refunds. 

NOTE: Refunds can be a bit tricky with BigCommerce. Specifically, if a refund is not created correctly in BigCommerce, there will be no indication as to when the refund actually occurred. When running history this can result in the refund being recognized on the date that the order was created. While this is not ideal, BigCommerce does not share a timestamp for the refund amount when it is not created correctly. Here is an article from BigCommerce on correctly creating refunds:

If you have any questions regarding our BigCommerce journal entry, feel free to reach out to