Update Owner of an entity

In this article, we will detail how entity Owners can transfer ownership to other users.

Every Bookkeep entity may only have 1 Owner at a time.  An Owner ultimately controls an entity's billing and app subscription while Admins have all standard Bookkeep permissions and feature access.

Sometimes an Owner may wish to transfer their "Owner" role to another "Admin" user.  In order to do so, the Owner must follow these steps:

1. In Bookkeep, Owners must visit Entity settings > Users to view all users.  

2. The Owner must select whichever Admin user they wish to promote to "Owner"

3. The Owner will then select the "Role" pulldown menu and choose "Owner".  When doing so, they will be presented with the following message:
"By performing this action, you will be no longer be the Owner of this Entity"

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 12.24.07 PM

Once the Role is saved, this user will become the entity's Owner while the previous Owner will become an Admin.  This may only be reversed by the new Owner.

For additional assistance with your Bookkeep entity, please reach out to support@bookkeep.com.