Clover POS Journal Entry: Sales Summary

Here we discuss the accounting automation available for Clover

Clover POS is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system and Bookkeep enables you to integrate your Clover POS to automate journal entry postings.

For Clover, we offer a daily sales summary journal entry.

The sales summary journal entry posts to your accounting platform on a daily basis the sales from the prior day. This aims to capture the gross sales down to the net sales including discounts, refunds, etc as well as the breakdown of payments by tender type. 

Below, we review an example of what Bookkeep recorded versus Clover. 

1. Bookkeep aligns with the Sales Overview CSV that can be retrieved from Clover for a specific day.

2. One thing to note is the CSV mentioned in step 1 does not include gift cards issued that were fully discounted. We do capture these to ensure you understand the impact of any gift cards that were issued.

3.  In this example, we are reviewing 3/30/23 and below shows what Bookkeep posted:

4. When viewing the Sales Overview CSV for this date, below you can see the gross sales and other relevant net sales items to tie out the Bookkeep entry:

5. Further down in the Sales Overview CSV, you will see a section indicating the Tender Types. This helps tie out the payments captured in the Bookkeep entry. In this case, there were payments by credit card, debit card, and cash:

If you have any questions regarding our Clover journal entry, feel free to reach out to