eBay Journal Entries offered by Bookkeep

Here we discuss the types of journal entries available for eBay

Bookkeep enables you to integrate your eBay account to automate journal entry postings.

The two journal entry postings we automate with eBay are:

  1. Sales Summary -  captures completed orders as well as associated order marketplace fees
  2. Deposit - captures any bank transfers in and out as well as any expenses such as shipping label purchases

The eBay Sales Summary journal entry posts to your accounting platform the sales from the prior day. This aims to capture the gross sales down to the net sales including discounts, refunds, etc. Additionally, this journal entry captures the various fees from eBay tied to a specific order. This are commonly referred to as marketplace fees. See below for an example entry:

**One thing to note for eBay sales: you will see that we capture Sales Tax Collected and Withheld. In some regions, tax is withheld and paid by eBay on your behalf so we recommend mapping these 2 lines to same accounts since they should net to zero. 

The second journal entry we support for eBay is the Deposit journal entry. This journal entry captures any new deposits coming to your bank account from eBay. This journal entry also captures any transfers from your bank to eBay to cover expenses such as shipping labels. Shipping labels will also be captured here under fees for the deposit entry.  See below for an example entries:

Entry above is a deposit to external bank account

Entry above is a reduction of the eBay balance to cover a shipping label purchased.

If you need to export your orders from eBay to review, you can export all orders for a respective time period from the Seller Hub as shown below which will download a CSV of orders. One thing to note is eBay relies on the "date buyer paid" as the timestamp for when the order was recognized and created:

If you have any questions regarding our eBay journal entry templates, feel free to reach out to support@bookkeep.com.