Greenbits Postings and Tying out to Greenbits

Here we discuss the types of journal entries available for Greenbits and how it ties out to the Greenbits dashboard

Journal entry offered

Tying out to Greenbits

Bookkeep enables you to integrate your Greenbits account to automate journal entry postings.

The journal entry posting we offer for Greenbits is:

Greenbits Sales Summary

The Greenbits Daily Summary journal entry posts to your accounting platform on a daily basis the summarized sales from the prior day. This aims to capture the gross sales down to the net sales including discounts, refunds, etc.  See below for an example mapping:

For certain lines in this template we also provide the option to map to subcategories, for example “discounts” can be broken down and mapped to specific accounts based on their product type shown below:

Note: this is not a mandatory step, and each unmapped subcategory will post to the parent category/account)

Tying out to the Greenbits dashboard:

Bookkeep ties out to the Sales Report as found here filtered to the specific day being compared against:

Below is a screenshot of the report:

You will see that Bookkeep's data matches what is found in the Sales Report:

If you have any questions regarding our Greenbits journal entry, feel free to reach out to