How to connect BigCommerce to Bookkeep

Provides information on how to connect BigCommerce to Bookkeep, by finding the correct authorization credentials.

To connect BigCommerce you will need these 4 elements:

  1. API Path
  2. Access Token
  3. Client ID
  4. Client Secret

In order to locate these elements, we provide an overview below.

To get these credentials, the user set as the "Store Owner" in BigCommerce must create a "Store API Account" within BigCommerce.

Within the store you plan to connect, go to settings (near the bottom) on the left navigation as shown below:

Once on the settings pages, scroll down to the bottom where you should click on API accounts:

Once clicking on API accounts above, this is what you will see:

Click “Create API account” in the image above which will open the view below:

First, enter a Name for the API Account which could be "Bookkeep". Keep the token type set to V2/V3 API token.
Copy your "API Path" as shown above as this will be needed for Bookkeep.
On this page, you will also need to enable the following OAuth Scopes (any other scopes can be left as None):

    • Content: Read-Only
    • Customers: Read-Only
    • Information & Settings: Read-Only
    • Marketing: Read-Only
    • Orders: Read-Only
    • Order Transactions: Read-Only
    • Get Payment Methods: Read-Only
    • Products: Read-Only
    • Checkouts: Read-Only
    • Sites & Routes: Read-Only
    • Channel Settings: Read-Only
    • Channel Listings: Read-Only
    • Store Inventory: Read-Only

Once the above steps are completed, click Save and then copy your Access Token, Client ID, and Client Secret. These are the 3 remaining elements needed for Bookkeep.

Note: You can only view these credentials within your store dashboard once. However, a text file with the credentials will be automatically downloaded to your computer. You can use this file to access your credentials again if needed.

Once you have the four elements listed, you can enter them into Bookkeep and the connection should now be complete.