How to connect Clover to Bookkeep

This article will explain how Bookkeep users can connect and integrate with Clover for accounting automation

As a Bookkeep user, you can connect third party applications by visiting the “Connections” page within  Our connectors can be accessed by selecting the appropriate app via the "Add an app" button (pictured below).  For Clover, you can manually type “clover” into the search field:

Once selected, our Clover integration will present you with the option to “Connect Now” (via log-in credentials in a new browser tab) or “Ask Owner to Connect” (via email).

For more information on sending owner invitations, please review our “Inviting owner to connect” knowledge base article.  But assuming you are the owner of your Clover account, you can simply click “Connect Now” to log into your Clover account.

After your account is authenticated, the Clover connection will be seen on your Connections page and you’ll be ready to map your fields.

Start your free 14-day trial of Bookkeep and see how easy it is to post Clover summaries to your accounting platform.