How to connect Korona POS to Bookkeep

Here we discuss how to connect Korona POS to Bookkeep to post daily sales summaries

Korona POS an All-In-One Point Of Sale Software which integrates with Bookkeep to post daily sales summaries. Bookkeep relies upon end of day statements to post accurate financial summaries to your accounting platform. In order to proceed with connection, below we discuss the necessary steps.

1. Sign into the Korona dashboard as shown below:

2. Locate the left navigation bottom icon which opens settings where you need to locate and click data exchange:

3. Here you will see an APIv3 section where you can add Bookkeep:

You will need the account-ID listed and endpoint listed to input into Bookkeep as shown above. You can copy those details to enter into Bookkeep.

4. When adding API access via the Add button (shown in the image above), you will create a login and password which will be used to connect in Bookkeep:

You can leave the permission preset alone and then select all of the Permissions in the list that start with "Show." This will give Bookkeep the necessary permissions to retrieve data. Once you have created an account with the selected permissions, you can copy the login, password, account ID, and endpoint to connect in Bookkeep.

5. Back in Bookkeep, you will locate Korona from the Connections view:

6. With the data collected from Korona, you can click Connect now to see the screen below:

This is where you will enter the info from Korona that we discussed above.

Once you enter the necessary information, you will see Korona listed on your Apps page under Connections:

Now you can complete the account mapping if you have connected an accounting platform. If you have any questions, contact