How to Setup ChowNow with Bookkeep

Walkthrough of the steps to get your ChowNow account up and running

IMPORTANT: Please note that our ChowNow integration is based on ongoing daily email reports sent by ChowNow, which means that posting historical data (records of past sales days) is not available for this app, as that is not an option offered by ChowNow.

To begin utilizing Bookkeep's automated journal entries for ChowNow, you must connect the ChowNow account where you would like to import the data from. Below we will go step-by-step through the setup process to ensure you are ready to go!

1. First connect your ChowNow account by visiting the Connections/Apps View (from the left navigation) and clicking "Add an app" (in the top right) to search for ChowNow by either starting to type in the name or by scrolling down through the list being displayed: 

2. Clicking on the ChowNow icon will take you to the screen to connect your account, where you can click "Connect Now".  

3. A new window will appear for you with instructions on how to setup your ChowNow email reports, as shown below: 

Our platform will assign an email address to your entity, which you will need to copy and add to your ChowNow’s Notification dashboard following the steps shown below:

A. Click the “here” hyperlink from the pop-up screen to be directed to the ChowNow login page, input your credentials and click “Log In” 

B. Click “Locations” and select the location you want to connect to your entity and select “Notifications” from the left hand side menu.

C. Click “+Add Email” option at the bottom of the page, paste the email address provided by on the pop-up screen and check the “Disbursements Report - Daily” option displayed below. Then click “Save

4. Once you have finished adding the email address to the ChowNow notifications list in order to grant access to Bookkeep, please click “Activate ChowNow” on the login pop-up screen, which will then add your ChowNow app to Bookkeep in your Connections-Apps listings:

Note: your entity’s email address is also displayed here, in case you skipped the previous steps and clicked “Activate ChowNow” before adding it to your ChowNow notifications list. You can copy it from here and follow steps B and C after you login to your ChowNow account.

Important: Both actions need to be completed (activating the app AND adding the email address to the email reports list in ChowNow) in order to have the sales data come from your ChowNow account to your bookkeep app connection.

5. Now that your ChowNow account is connected to Bookkeep, you will need to complete your mapping to the accounts from your Accounting Platform (e.g. QuickBooks Online) which can be found on the Connections tab and clicking on "Setup" to expand the dropdown where you can then click "Map" for the ChowNow Summary Entry, which will capture the daily sales summary for your location based on each email report received from ChowNow. 

6.  Once you have mapped the necessary journal entry template you would like to post data from and saved, you are good to go! You will see journal entries begin posting to your accounting platform the next day.

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