Inviting owner to connect

How to invite an account owner to connect an app to an entity in (this option is only available for selected apps)


1. While logged into the appropriate entity, click on “Connections”, then “Add an app” to start the process.

Click "Connections" on left side bar:


Click "Add an app" on the top right:

2. After clicking "Add an app", you will see the various commerce apps you can connect and search for more:


3. Click on the appropriate icon and you will see the option to "Ask owner to connect":



4. Using the “Ask owner to connect” option – if you do not have the credentials for that specific app or your login has restricted access you can use this feature to send the account owner a one-time email invitation to connect the app to our platform following the steps below:


5. The recipient will receive an email with a link to connect the requested app using their owner credentials. (you will be cc-ed on the invitation email automatically)


Once the app is connected successfully you will see it listed on your integrations page for that entity and will have the options to configure (map to your accounting platform), run or delete the connection