Journal entry templates

This article will detail Bookkeep's journal entry templates.

Bookkeep's core competency is automatically posting daily journal entries to your accounting platform.  Whether it be sales, fees, or deposits, each and every accrual-based summary is posted to your general ledger account. In doing so, you’ll have accurate daily accounting for every single sales channel and payment method you use.

Although the journal entry templates for all of Bookkeep's integrations (Square, Shopify, etc) include fields that are unique for each connection, all templates will include some fundamental similarities.  For instance, sales summary templates will always include fields for:

  • Gross Sales (name may vary across templates) - Credit that represents gross revenue before discounts and maps to an income account.
  • Refunds - Debit transactions that represent returning product purchased previously. This is also mapped to an income account.
  • Sales Tax Collected - This Credit is all sales tax collected on all transactions.

Similarly, our Deposit templates more often than not will include the following fields:

  • Balance - This Credit is the expected amount from charges before fees and loans are taken out. 
  • Deposit - This Debit is the bank account set up to receive your deposits. This maps to the same checking account as you have set up in your integration app.

For more information on what differentiates all of journal entry templates, please visit the Apps section of our knowledge base.  

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