Matching your Amazon Seller Sales Entry to Amazon's Reporting

How Bookkeep's Amazon Seller Sales Summary Journal Entry aligns with Amazon Seller Reporting

Understanding how Bookkeep posts Amazon Seller sales is critical to align with the reporting from Amazon Seller. Below we show the side-by-side alignment between the Amazon Seller reporting and our journal entry for Amazon Seller sales.

First, once you have logged into your Amazon Seller dashboard, you will need to locate "Reports" in the top navigation as shown below:

When you hover on "Reports", you will see "Payments" as the first option. Click on "Payments." This will take you to the Payments Dashboard as shown below:

Once here, click on "Date Range Reports" which is second from the right on the bottom (see image above).

Once on the "Date Range Reports" view, you will see an option to Generate Report (yellow button) as shown below:

Clicking on generate report opens where you can choose the date range you would like to compare against Bookkeep. Please be sure to choose "Summary" and "All" for "Select account type to include" as shown below (in addition to the dates of comparison):

This will download a PDF which is displayed below with an example Bookkeep journal entry for Amazon Seller Sales. The color code indicates the alignment of numbers in the report to the Amazon Seller Sales Summary journal entry:

amazon tie out example