Running historical dates

How to run historical data for your connected apps

Bookkeep™ allows you to run/post historical data for your connected apps.  A historical post is defined any journal entry posting that dates back further than 15 days before your first trial day

For example, If I begin my 14 day free trial with Bookkeep on August 15th, then my historical entries begin on July 30th (16 days in the past).  For every historical day that I post to accounting, my account will be charged USD $0.35 per entry.

The advantage to running historical data is that you can post your entire activity for the previous year in order to clean up your books or catch up on your accounting to prepare for tax season.

Some customers have even posted multiple years’ worth of data after recognizing the superior accuracy of our financial postings compared to their previous methods. That said, you can bring over old data as long as it is available in your source system e.g. Square, Shopify) - be it from a month ago, or 5 years ago.

In order to run historical data, please use the following steps:

1. While logged in to your organization, go to “Activity” and select your desired connection that you would like to post historical data for (e.g. Shopify Ecommerce).


Selecting the desired template will display the “Run Date Range” feature


2. Click on “Run date range” which will show an additional line below with a date picker. Select your desired range for “From Date” and “To Date” from the calendar drop-down

3. For connections that have multiple locations (stores, channels) you will need to choose the appropriate one for posting your historical data. If you only have one location that field will not display for you.

4. Click “Run” and the system will start posting the entries for that specified time frame, location and template. Please allow some time for these entries to be posted to your accounting platform and be displayed in your Activity” log

Note: currently you can post a maximum of 365 days at a time from the "Run Date Range" feature. Simply change the date range and hit "Run" again if you need to run more.

Note: posting of historical data is available for accounts with a billing method on file, as the 14-day free trial period does not include this feature.


Note: you will need to run historical data for each individual template for a connection, depending on your needs, as you might only want to run the sales entries, or deposits etc.

IMPORTANT: Also it is vital that you understand how and what is being posted, as for example running the Shopify Payment Deposit will add entries to your bank registered mapped for bank deposits which would be off if you already added those deposits from your bank feed in previous periods and reconciled those bank accounts. The correct way would be to “undo” all the bank deposits received, post the historical data and then match the deposits from you bank feed.
Of equal importance when posting historical data or even posting current data is to understand and have your balances properly accounted for and understand the “cut-off” date for using our integration. For example, if you start posting sales and deposits for a specific app (e.g. Shopify) from January 1st, the first deposits posted and received might include proceeds for sales from the previous year (period).