Shopify Billing FAQ

This article will summarize all of the frequently asked questions asked by Bookkeep customers who installed our "QuickBooks Daily Summary Sync" app via the Shopify app store.


Q: Do I receive a free trial for the QuickBooks Daily Summary Sync?

A: Yes, all users of the QuickBooks Daily Summary Sync application will receive a 14 day free trial.  Your Shopify account will not be charged until your app is considered "Live", after the 14 day period.


Q: Which plans are available on the Shopify app store?
A: The following plans are available via Shopify:

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 2.23.33 PM


Q: Can I access other apps via the QuickBooks Daily Summary Sync view in Shopify?

A: If you need to connect other apps (for example, Square) to your Shopify store, then you should access our application via  


Q: Can I have multiple plans for my store?

A: No, you can only run 1 subscription plan per Shopify store.  If you need to add an additional plan, please create a new Shopify store via the Shopify app.


Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: If you downloaded and created a Bookkeep entity via the Shopify App Store, then you will need to manage your subscription via Shopify.  To do this, go to Finances > Billing on your Shopify store.