How Bookkeep handles Shopify order edits

How Bookkeep handles Shopify order edits

Shopify order edits can cause problems for reporting and affect the calculations of sales reporting. Shopify outlines the risks and challenges involved with order edits here:

Shopify describes an order edit as: "After an order is placed, you can edit it by adding items, removing items, and adjusting item quantities."

For example, Shopify outlines the following items as potential considerations before editing an order:

  • Some apps might not recognize order edits. After you edit an order, the data in your apps might be incorrect.
  • Some discounts aren't recalculated after you edit an order.
  • Shipping methods and rates are not recalculated when you edit an order.
  • If your fulfillment services don't work with order edits, then editing an item can cause missed or incomplete orders.
  • If you sell in multiple currencies and an order is placed in a currency other than your store currency, then you can't edit it.
  • If you edit an order after the day the order was placed, then the edit appears as a separate order in your reports. The reports display the edit as if it is a new order, even though a new order hasn't been created.

If you encounter any discrepancies in your reporting after making order edits, it is crucial to seek assistance to ensure accurate accounting and reporting. Contact for expert help in managing order edits and ensuring that your Shopify accounting remains accurate. Bookkeep specializes in capturing and handling order edits effectively, guaranteeing the correctness of your financial records. Don't hesitate to reach out for professional support in maintaining the integrity of your reporting and orders.