Troubleshooting Failed Journal Entry Postings

Common reasons a journal entry posting may fail and tips on solving failures

Bookkeep posts automated journal entries to your accounting platform on a daily basis when you have turned journal entries to ON. In this article we will discuss common errors that may cause a posting to have a status of Failed. When you see an entry as Failed, this means that this entry has not been posted to your accounting platform due to an error.  You can learn why it Failed by hovering over the icon in the row:
There can be many reasons why an entry may fail which is why we recommend hovering over the icon to learn why. For example, common reasons for failure (and troubleshooting) are below:

    • ISSUE: If you see an authorization error this likely indicates that we have lost access to post to your accounting platform. This may be to the accounting platform credentials changing and we are unauthorized to post.
      • FIX: Please reconnect your accounting platform and rerun the entry.
    • ISSUE: Check Mapping indicator: It is likely that a mapping line in the journal entry has not been mapped.
      • FIX: Verify each line of the journal entry is mapped and if any are not mapped, please do so. If you have Canadian sales taxes see the next bullet point which could also cause this failure.
    • ISSUE: Canadian sales tax lines are not all mapped (relevant only to Canadian QuickBooks Online).
      • FIX: Open the mapping view for the journal entry that is failing and expand the sales tax category to ensure each line is mapped. If any are not mapped, please map these lines. See below for an example (each subcategory needs to be mapped):
    • ISSUE: An account was deleted from your accounting platform preventing us from posting.
      • FIX: In this case, ensure each account mapped for this journal entry exists in your accounting platform. If an account was deleted, please change the mapping in Bookkeep to a live account from your accounting platform.

If you need any help with completing your journal entry posting, please feel free to contact us!