Mindbody Journal Entry: Sales Summary

Here we discuss the accounting automation available for Mindbody

Mindbody is a business management software for the wellness services industry and Bookkeep enables you to integrate your Mindbody locations to automate journal entry postings.

For Mindbody, we offer a daily sales summary journal entry.

The sales summary journal entry posts to your accounting platform on a daily basis the sales from the prior day. This aims to capture the gross sales down to the net sales including discounts, refunds, etc as well as the breakdown of payments by tender type. 

Below, we review an example of what Bookkeep recorded versus Mindbody. 

1. Bookkeep best aligns with the Daily Closeout report that can be retrieved from Mindbody for a specific day under Reports from the Mindbody top navigation.

Daily closeout is under sales reports:

2. One thing to note is the daily closeout report mentioned in step 1 does not include gift cards issued. You must fetch the gift cards report also under the sales section:

You need to select prepaid gift cards and filter to the day and location:

Negative amounts in the gift card report indicate redeemed gift cards and positive amounts in the gift card report indicate issued gift cards.

In the example below, we have fetched the gift card report:

For 6/1/23, we see a total of $148 issued and $211 redeemed as posted below.

3.  In this example, we are reviewing 6/1/23 and below shows what Bookkeep posted:

4. We have fetched the daily closeout report in Mindbody as shown here:

5. When tying out the report to Bookkeep, we can start with gross sales and discounts. The numbers in the Mindbody report are shown after discount. Therefore, if there were discounts, you need to subtract the discount amount per category versus the gross sales amount per category and it will align to the report:



On this date, there were no discounts so no subtraction was necessary. 

6. Next, we can tie out the refunds, gratuity/tips, and payments:


The tips total of 820.35 matches what Bookkeep posted as well.

In the Mindbody report, you can see the $168 total returns which matches what Bookkeep posted above.

In the Mindbody table above, you can see the total column on the right per payment type which matches what Bookkeep posted from this entry as shown below:

One thing to note from the Mindbody report is they do not include the amount received in the payments for any gift cards sold/issued. For Visa/MC, Bookkeep shows 8340.05 while Mindbody shows 8192.05. This difference of 148.00 represents the gift cards issued.

7. The final number to tie out from Mindbody is the accounts receivable which they call Payments on Account. Bookkeep posted:

This ties out to the sales by category section of the daily checkout report as shown below:

If you have any questions regarding our Mindbody journal entry, feel free to reach out to support@bookkeep.com. We understand the complexity of reporting and can save you much time based on this accounting automation.

**Mindbody is supported by Bookkeep Sales Tax with DAVO.